Day 9

Friday, July 1, 2022

How do we teach in these times? How can advocacy and activism become central to teaching?

Key Readings

  • Muhammad, G. E. (2020). Cultivating genius: An equity framework for culturally and historically responsive literacy. Scholastic.

Additional Readings

Asynchronous Activity 1

Begin / Continue Planning for the Upcoming School Year

  • Create and edit documents with ideas for teaching with primary sources in the upcoming school year.

  • You may focus on a lesson, a unit, sources, and/or routines you want to include.

  • Consider how you will include the histories African American women leaders.

  • Feel free to add documents to our shared Google Drive folder.

Asynchronous Activity 2

Journal Group

  • Write independently.

  • Share some of your writing with your journal group. Respond.

  • You may choose to connect in person or virtually (e.g., Zoom, email, Google Doc).

Asynchronous Activity 3

Post on the TPS Teachers Network

  • The Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program hosts a members-only online forum for educators who have participated in professional development funded by the Library of Congress. This forum is called the TPS Teachers Network. We will use this forum to "go public" with practice by writing and posting on the network.

  • Check out some of the discussions. Feel free to respond to any of the threads or start your own. We hope you'll post something you're thinking about for the upcoming school year and ask for others to share resources.

Asynchronous Activity 4

Continue Curating Artifacts for Your Portfolio

    • To earn course credit, participants must complete a portfolio and submit it during the fall.

    • Learn more about the portfolio from the slideshow below.

    • After reviewing the slideshow, identify and annotate 3-4 artifacts from the past week for your portfolio.

Portfolio Overview — 2022 PhilWP ISI