Day 4

Friday, June 24, 2022

What does it mean to teach in these times?

Key Reading

Additional Reading

  • Baker-Rogers, A. M., & Traylor, F. M. (2020). They carried us: The social impact of Philadelphia's Black Women Leaders. Arch Street Press. [Introduction]

Asynchronous Activity 1

Watch Video to Prepare for Next Week

  • Next week, we will join the Advanced Institute to explore hidden histories of African American women leaders in Philadelphia.

  • On Monday, we will me authors Baker-Rogers and Traylor, who wrote They carried us: The social impact of Philadelphia's Black Women Leaders.

  • Listen to the authors discuss their work in this CBS interview.

  • Jot down some questions you have for the authors.

Asynchronous Activity 2

Journal Group

  • Write independently.

  • Share some of your writing with your journal group. Respond.

  • You may choose to connect in person or virtually (e.g., Zoom, email, Google Doc).

Asynchronous Activity 3

Join the TPS Teachers Network

  • The Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program hosts a members-only online forum for educators who have participated in professional development funded by the Library of Congress. This forum is called the TPS Teachers Network.

  • We will use this forum to "go public" with practice by writing and posting on the network.

  • Join the TPS Teachers Network and check out some of the discussions. Feel free to respond to any of the threads or start your own.

  • We will provide more directions for posting next week.

Asynchronous Activity 4

Begin Curating Artifacts for Your Portfolio

    • To earn course credit, participants must complete a portfolio and submit it during the fall.

    • Learn more about the portfolio from the slideshow below.

    • After reviewing the slideshow, identify and annotate 3-4 artifacts from the past week for your portfolio.

Portfolio Overview — 2022 PhilWP ISI